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Here’s an article from Green Diaries. Learn how to build a solar generator:

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  1. Fetch a small solar panel from market. The solar panel must be one rated and more than 12 volts. You can find the solar panel in an RV or marine supplies store or Greenbatteries Store.
  2. Then you will need rechargeable batteries. The battery should be deep cycle 12 volt lead/acid or gel battery. The deep cycle battery is required as you will be using the battery continuously. You can get the battery at a price around $50.
  3. Buy a battery box to place the battery in that box. The battery box helps in covering the expose terminals of the battery. This box is quite important as it might prove harmful to the children if you are planning to install the system in a place that is reachable by children. You may skip this if you have plans to install the system that is not reachable by children.
  4. Purchase a 12 volt DC meter. The DC meter will cost around $25.
  5. Buy a DC input. The DC input must be of triple inlet model if you want the generator perform better. This DC input is available at a price of $10 in the cigarette lighter parts stores. This DC input helps in powering the DC appliances such as fans, lights, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers.
  6. If you want your solar generator to function for AC powered appliances, you need to buy an inverter as well. The inverter converts the stored DC power to AC power and helps your appliances run. Most of the household appliances run on AC power these days. You can buy varieties of inverters starting from 100W to 3000W based on your power requirement and the appliance you want to run on solar power produced.
  7. You can use a drill to attach the meter and DC input to the top of the box.
  8. While attaching the meter to the wingnut terminals of the battery, connect the negative pole first. Work on one wire at a time.
  9. Connect the DC inlet to the battery.
  10. Connect the solar panel to the battery.
  11. Close the lid with the help of a bungee cord as it helps it holding tight. Place the solar panel in the sun for 5 to 8 hours to charge the battery. Then you can use the solar power produced to run your appliances.

Solar is the most popular alternative energy resource. Check out the options for installing a solar system in your home.