How Generators Work
An electric generator is a device that converts mechanical energy obtained from an external source into electrical energy as the output.
It is important to understand that a generator is able to produce energy by using a fuel such as gasoline, propane or natural gas to power a small current producing motor. You have to pay for the fuel that runs the generator so it is not necessarily a cost benefit.
Generators are useful in situations of electrical power outages and can prevent disruption of home electricity and business operations. Generators are available for use in different applications and come in a variety of sizes and power output. We will take a look at how a generator functions, its main components and how a generator can be used as a backup source of electrical power in home applications.
Reasons you might need a backup generator
If you:
 Live in an area where the utility grid is unreliable
 Live in an area plagued by weather problems
 Have a medical need for uninterruptible power
How does an automatic standby generator work?
An automatic standby generator is an electrical system that will operate when the grid supplied power is unavailable. When a power outage occurs the system senses the lack of current and automatically starts the generator. When power returns the generator shuts itself off until needed.
What is the difference between an automatic standby generator and a regular portable generator?
An automatic standby generator is more reliable and operates automatically. It runs a weekly self-test to ensure proper function and power output. It is home grid tied and needs no extension cords or multiple plug access. It will function when you are not home and keep necessary appliances and household applications operating.
What about maintenance?
All electrical generators need periodic maintenance such as oil and filter changes. It is a good idea to keep a regular maintenance schedule which keeps the generator system at a full functioning level.
How do I select a generator that’s right for my home?
It’s a good idea when installing any type of hybrid system to assess the power usage of your home circuits and appliances and know the needs of your system during an emergency situation. Through the use of your home power control you are then able to address the most important part of your own electrical needs.